Formed in 2007, Evolution Marketing Group (EMG) started much the same way most businesses are created. It was developed in response to fill a need in the marketplace. Our approach was and continues to be sticking to the basics. Find a need in the marketplace and fill it. We recognized through our own experiences and through the insight of frustrated companies, both small and large, that there was a lack of access to high quality resources and insight into effective marketing communication. Furthermore, we recognized that companies require ongoing support needed to help businesses navigate through the marketing and communication environment, a need that was not being effectively fulfilled for most businesses.

EMG is built upon the philosophy of taking the complication out of the equation by providing our clients an unprecedented experience that helps their businesses to thrive. Fostering unbound creativity and a disciplined attitude towards knowledge of industry trends and forward thinking, we ensure that we are providing our clients with creative solutions that inspire everyone involved and supply relevant strategies that provide our clients a return on their investment. As a result EMG offers an intelligent suite of services that makes available all the tools necessary to develop effective marketing strategies. Our tools are flexible enough to be used as standalone solutions or used together as a powerful mix to deliver impactful marketing communication.

The EMG Value Proposition:

The inevitable questions arises...."What does EMG offer that is different and more effective than everyone else"? In a business as mature as marketing, what sets EMG apart from the competition? Over the course of dealing with many companies we consistently hear, "We already have someone for that." Understandable. Our position is simply that we do it more effectively and more efficiently under one roof. We offer a wide scope of value added services that goes beyond the need to utilize multiple consultants and suppliers. We are good at what we do and we are proud of it. We are obsessively driven towards excellence in our work, value to our clients and the continual pursuit of innovation and forward thinking.


Our Business

To provide highly energized and success driven businesses personal and tailored service that aids them in developing or enhancing their brand visibility within their respective markets. This is achieved by adding thrust and momentum behind an organizations vision by supplying our clients with the proper tools, strategies, and support they need to execute their branding and marketing communication objectives.

More than just a marketing firm, a design house, or a web development company, the services we offer are a culmination of the right tools needed to achieve an influential and impactful brand presence.

EMG Vision

To be at the forefront of the creative and technical realm to develop and grow tomorrows most promising and influential brands.


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